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For the Americans who vote for either Democrats or Republicans . . . .
It is no different than you picking up a weapon and shooting children, bombing them, starting wars, coups against democracies . . . . you are devoid of conscience, and you vote for the very criminal parties who sponsor all of the illegal, unjust, and atrocious activities. You are legitimizing them with your vote, you are authorizing the use of white phosphorus, depleted uranium, droning, bombing of hospitals, Israeli racism and murder of Palestinians, invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, etc., you caused the bombing and subsequent flow of refugees out of these countries, you are supporting the ascendency of Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism, even ISIS, Lindsey Graham, the whole fucking Military Industrial Complex and AIPAC . . . . you support it all . . . . you are no better than the war criminals who do everything mentioned above . . . .
You have given your approval on all of this with your vote, that is an irrefutable fact.
Stop and THINK before you do something stupid again . . . .

THHA 7 July 7

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Dude, we have 2 parties to pick from, neither of which give anyone 100% of what they want. Usually not even 50%.

Before you post about American politics let me quote something for you, advice from some one you respect: Stop and THINK before you do something stupid again . . . .

1of5 Level 8 July 7, 2019

So, you have never in your life heard of the Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party, etc. . . .
Even when what they are doing is wrong on so many levels . . . it is still follow the herd . . . . speak for yourself. As for what I do, when I stand up against what is happening, there is no way in hell I will ever consider that stupid, and the fact that you suggest it says far more about you than it does about me.

@THHA stop being a fucking idiot. I've heard of and examined those parties and more.

Seriously, just stop.

Troll Patrol . . . . . directly to the shitcan . . .


I agree that both parties suck; however, to not vote gives them more power. Some politicians count on people bot voting to win their elections. Plus, I believe to move the needle in the right direction we have to make our voices heard with our votes. Votes count a lot more than a post on


@THHA; So all who align themselves with a party are "stupid"...In you opinion?

And "Stop and think"...that's right up there with "Grow Up" and "Get a life".

I think. I'm grown. I have a life.

Do you know what a Troll is? A Troll, on social media, is "trolling for responses by throwing out "click-bait" to catch "suckers" - to the Troller can say he "caught" someone. caught me...feel better now, Troll?

You ASSume that being associated with a party makes you support a military-industrial complex strategy?

You ASSume wrong.

Within both parties are "Doves" and "Hawks"

If you don't "register" with one party or another, you don't get to vote in many like that privilege.

...and no third party candidate has come along....ever...who's accomplished anything worth voing for.

So call your names.

Act upset and disgruntled.

Stay home on voting day.

That'll show little you care, and what a Troll you are.

BTW; Name calling is the lowest form of debate. Try offering reasons behind your opinions besides your "ASSumptions.

Being "associated" with a party, has nothing to do with the issue, I said "voting" not associating. Also, sorry to hear you feel insulted, but there is NOTHING in my post that is a direct insult to anyone, everyone makes stupid decisions, that does not prove them to be stupid. If that bothers you, don't blame me, you read something into it that was not there, maybe it was a pang of conscience that got you off the handle . . .

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