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Who wants to go party with aliens? 👽

“How is this orange man your president?” 😂

balou 8 July 17

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I'm looking forward to getting my arms around an Orion woman! 😍😍😊

May the force be with you....always!

@balou ... And also with you! I heard Earth men can't resist those green Orion women. 😂😂😍 Yummy, yummy, I got love in my tummy...


"....Kind-a like sugar,
Kind-a like spices,
Kind-a like, like what you do.
Kind-a sounds funny.
But love,honey
Honey. I love you..."

@balou Oh yeah..... Wrap those big beautiful green legs around me baby!! 😘💞


I don't do well in deserts, so I will pass.

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