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Not only is trump, selling out the American a fund raising speech on Wednesday night in MO..trump told that audience, that he lied to Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, about our trade supplus! This man promotes criminality! I believe he does not know, what putting your 'best foot forward," means? This man cannot hide his true comes spewing out of his pores (thru his mouth and his actions). Yes, it is bound to get worse, and I cannot hide my anxiety for what lies ahead for America, for the next 2 and a half more years!

Freedompath 9 Mar 15

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He is a disgusting disgrace that has no morals or standards... so America is on for a rough ride!!!


When you have no best foot it is difficult to move it forward.


He straight out said he makes up facts.

No shit, anyone that listens to him should quickly realize he doesn't understand the issues.


If he makes it 2.5 years...

Maybe, time will speed up, or something! The last year and 2 months, feel like forever...

@Freedompath agreed!!


Perhaps that will be his downfall although nothing else seems to topple him. Maybe Stormy!

gearl Level 7 Mar 15, 2018

How many times and how long, must we hope...this will be the straw that broke trump?


for TrumpOLINI to be replaced by voters in 2020, there needs to be a leader NOW IDENTIFYING A BETTER PLAN WITH THE NAMES OF WHO SHALL replace TrumpOLINI apparatchiks .... criminal Billary is not a leader traveling the world spreading her lies why she lost 31 states calling American voters "deplorables" AGAIN and claiming "white women did not vote for her because they were too afraid to vote against their husbands" and Senator Sanders is not a leader but a long standing incumbent who has never accomplished much to show voters how he would lead USA ....Democrats from Pelosi and Schumer on down have no clear alternative vision ONLY NAY SAYING to TrumpOLINI.... if 25 million people get better jobs and more salary increases, TrumpOLINI will be re-elected no matter who runs against him from any party Green, Blue, Libertarian or Rethuglicans who dare "primary" TrumpOLINI

That is a dismal thought! There are a few people who can lead, and new people would take time to accumulate, even if they were humane! I do believe Bernie is a straight arrow person, but his age is a factor! I have followed him for years and he DOES concern himself with the people. Adam Schiff (spell), of Calif, seems to be a level headed person and a good politician. But, he is calm, deliberate and thoughtful...not what all the low intelligent people think, will make a good leader! They need a person with more drama in his personality! That is what these people are accustomed the pulpit! They need to be turned on! That would be at best 40% of the population! This is a major delimma, but no perfect person is going to show up, to run for our president! But if it gets worse than trump, there will be no hope! ...because, we may not have much of what we have come to know of America...left after these next two and half years! No, I refuse to believe trump will have an extra 4 years! His, is a totally, criminal mind and a lot of those people who thought he was the great savior will see through their own folly! There, is a shift here in this Evangelican Republican stronghold and we still have over 2 more years of trump! Trump is not capable of pulling himself will get worse, unless some unknown forces, take over out of public eyesight and I don't see that happening, because trump can hurt people, BADLY! Only a totally isolated person does not know that now! It is going to be disastrous, for the next two and half years, with trump! I may need to bury my head in the sand!

Could be a woman, but I am not sure this country is ready for a woman yet! Maybe VP?

@Freedompath Shirley Chisholm should be remembered as the first qualified candidate for President and Billary jailed as the most criminal woman ever to hold high office worse than disgraced Nixon. ....sadly TrumpOLINI tax laws may be the cause of bankruptcy of USA much like Napoleon needing to "sell Louisiana" to refund the French bankrupt Empire. ....but if the billionaires and trillionaires create 25 million new jobs TrumpOLINI will be viewed as a gambler growing USA economy

@GreenAtheist I kept up with Hillary and all the investigations into her affairs...most were proven false. Some of her suspicious bad dealings were exaggerated. She wasn't perfect, but she would not have brought shame to our country! At least I believe she would have stood accountable for her actions, unlike this criminal mind trump. The GOP, promoted fallacious about Hillary for years, that is what brought her down! I watched it and thought how hard it would be for anyone to overcome what she was faced with. The GOP, 'poisoned the well,' the GOP, plays to win at whatever cost! These GOPs, in this very area, have done the same thing for years! They pander to these evangelicals, and they know exactly what to say...and then brag about what was accomplished, always at a distance! It is usually never local, so these people don't question! And, even then it is passing some meaningless law! Evangelicals never, question authority...part of that conditioning from the pulpit!

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