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Yes, that is a Christmas tree in March! 🥳

ashortbeauty 8 Mar 15

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Solstice conifer up until Equinox Tuesday ?


Happy Hahnukha!!!!!


BEST TIME FOR AN XMAS TREE!!! And who doesn't remember the song The 15th Of March Christmas Surprise, I think it went something like this...Ahem....

On The 15th Day of March my true love gave to me
Nothing, cuz they didn't respect my second xmas, that rat bastard!
On the 16th Day of March my ex love gave to me,
Derision for my awesome holiday, talk to the elbow cuz the hand doesn't want to hear it..."

or something like that...hard to remember the exact words...




So Santa is coming back? I knew he wouldn't miss me two years in a row.

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