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Two things before the vid.
One thing Iv'e noticed on the shows "Idol', got talent" etc. There are numerous examples of people trying to sing Whitny, and other pop stars. But very rarely do anyone attempt Anne Wilson, from Heart. She has a voice that not many can hit.
I bring that up because in this vid, there are two things that come to mind. One Alice in Chains is one of my all time favorite bands, and Heart is another.

But the two of them playing together, and headed off with Gretchen Wilson. Who is a country singer. really rock this song. Gretchen really is one of the only people to be able to actually hit Anne's chops right.
Any way. here is the performance,...

after posting this I really thought it would be apt to post the original Heart vid of this song, so here goes.
TristanNuvo 8 July 20

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Gretchen does a great job. She def has some nice range. Love me some AIC. Already got my ticket to see Jerry and the boys in September here in Chula Vista. Can't wait.


Barracuda was my daughter's lullaby. I used to sing in bands...Heart was one I covered often.


One of the things that often comes to mind when I see some of the just fucking outstanding performances like these is some comments by Nietzsche . . .

"Even under the influence of the narcotic draught, of which songs of all primitive men and peoples speak, or with the potent coming of spring that penetrates all nature with joy, these Dionysian emotions awake, and as they grow in intensity everything subjective vanishes into complete self-forgetfulness. In the German Middle Ages, too, singing and dancing crowds, ever increasing in number, whirled themselves from place to place under this same Dionysian impulse. [...] There are some who, from obtuseness or lack of experience, turn away from such phenomena as from "folk-diseases," with contempt or pity born of consciousness of their own "healthy-mindedness." But of course such poor wretches have no idea how corpselike and ghostly their so-called "healthy-mindedness" looks when the glowing life of the Dionysian revelers roars past them." Friedrich Nietzsche

THHA Level 7 July 20, 2019

I love the Wilson sisters and A.I.C. I don't care for Gretchen's genre, but she had the pipes to pull it off. Another good one is the tribute to Led Zeppelin that the sisters took part in.


Heart stair way to heaven is a master piece, said the one and only Robert Plant

I almost put that vid in the mix. And I agree, Classic.

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