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The Great Reckoning

From a vantage point in the not-too-distant future Andrew J. Bacevich looks back on 2019 as a year when, in retrospect, it was clear the United States had passed a point of no return.


{To employ another then-popular phrase, liberal democratic capitalism had become an expression of “fake news,” a scam sold to the many for the benefit of the privileged few.

“Toward the end of an age,” historian John Lukacs (1924-2019) once observed, “more and more people lose faith in their institutions and finally they abandon their belief that these institutions might still be reformed from within.” Lukacs wrote those words in 1970, but they aptly described the situation that had come to exist in that turning-point year of 2019. Basic American institutions — the overworked U.S. military being a singular exception — no longer commanded popular respect.}

{“more and more people lose faith in their institutions and finally they abandon their belief that these institutions might still be reformed from within.”}

If that happens to be you, I invite you to join us at "Out Of The Illusion " Group
Where I and a few others post articles of alternative journalism exposing the intelligence agencies, the 2 party establishment, and their tool the main stream media as collaborators in an agenda of perception management and false narratives engaged towards keeping us entrapped in a failing capitalist system to benefit the ruling class of the Westernized world. This isn't just about the US, it's a global effort against all working class citizens.

Whether you're new to this realization or experienced, come share how it effects you and or come help us share to those waking up to it. I personally advocate towards a vast exodus from the 2 party system to unite behind 3rd parties to bring change most Americans voice for. Right now that would be a mix of the Socialist Equality Party and the Green Party.

Please leave all cognitive dissonance, intolerance to alternative journalism, and the inability towards intellectual debate with substance behind you at our door.

William_Mary 8 July 25

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Keep thinking of this song, released in 1986; "40 years of living then death, that's all that's left"
1986+40=2026.......seems fairly right.
I think there will be a financial crash, the $USD will lose dominance, overseas postings will revolt from diminished spending power and it will be on. Can't see a third party working as the whole system is failing. Consumerism is unsustainable, pure and simple.
Ed helps if I post the link 😉

powder Level 8 July 27, 2019

a british economist wrote a book called the "Great Reckoning" 30 yrs ago. according to him we would have had a financial collapse by now.
as depressing as it is to think about it the powers that be could keep this corrupt financial, political system going for more decades.

We've had many little collapses. And we are in the beginning of a new one now. The only reason we haven't had a major collapse, if that's what you're attempting to suggest, is because of how corrupt the system is. However, I would consider that of 2007/8 was a major collapse. Take my last 2 sentences towards that corrupt system when they stifled a disaster off the backs of the working class. To them it's only bad when it effects those at the top of the money train. Right now with what's going on in the US and Germany, they are saying it could be worse than what happened in 2007/8. Our MSM is talking about it, the real issues. I suggest you watch the Rick Sanchez show to keep up on it.


@William_Mary ,
"if that's what you're attempting to suggest".
i wasn't "attempting" to suggest anything.. i did offer an opinion.

@callmedubious offering an opinion is a means to suggest a theory. In which the one it's offered to analyzes it with their own to coordinate a relative relationship towards, or declines it out of rebuttal, often resorting to further discussion either way. Therefore, an opinion can basically be the same thing as a suggestion in some cases. Maybe it's your presentation.

You're always seemingly domineering on the boards when I interact with you. I see it towards others also, from you. Plus your lack of proper grammar makes it hard to understand your intent and content. When I have to read such short replies and comments made from you over and over it's quite frankly, insane for me to even attempt to communicate with you. And I personally hate grammar trolls for the most part, knowing mines not perfect, but in your case I see why they can become annoyed.

@William_Mary ,
proper grammar... that tells me everything i need to know about you.
and you are correct "knowing mines not perfect," which mines are you referring to?
even as a grammar troll you get a "fail"..

@callmedubious you've been heard again, in your domineering ways. Congratulations! My hats off to you! Now I must go before you drag me down to your level. I'd say it has been interesting, but sad is more appropriate. For you offer the world absolutely, nothing.

@William_Mary ,
i offer the world nothing & you're going to save the world, uh, uh..
you know what? i'm tired of your nonsense drivel. bye, bye.


This sounds good so long as it doesn't become a forum of conspiracy theories.

Well, lets start with that. Did you know that the CIA made the terminology (conspiracy theory) a bad thing. Back in the 50's as our government was ramping up for perpetual warring in Central America, they began invading the main stream media. It was to go hand in hand with the program (perception management). This is what you get from today's MSM, perception management to draw us into an illusion of how they want you to see the world that vindicates their actions. And anyone who dared to dissent from that false narrative they were attempting to sell through the media were instructed to label such a dissenter as a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracies happen all the time, good, bad, they just exist. One can not conspire without being a theorist. Nothing bad about that unless it's to do bad things.

Please scroll down to US Government []

Robert Parry, my most trusted journalist and creator of the first internet news site in 1995, also talked about perception management.

Lost History: CIA's Perception Management


You can do a search at his site [] and get a few hits on how perception management have been used over the years in various issues on the American public.

When someone calls me a conspiracy theorist or any other derogatory conspiracy ?, I take it as a compliment. It only tells me I may be dealing with someone that is most likely ignorant and wants to remain ignorant. Or is a troll with a purpose.

Ask yourself why our MSM news programs today are all flooded with X intelligence agents and military personnel? Why they all spend their time on these programs hyping up war? And in most cases where they are attempting to sell us a bad narrative, such as with Iran and Venezuela at the present time, which I can debunk or provide good reason to question their narrative, became so widely used. Same with Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq. All these people are on our news programs to hype up false narratives towards war that are manufactured for the benefit of the ruling class. Does it not bother you that nearly 5000 US soldiers lost their lives in Iraq over a lie? In which many alternative independent journalist were called, conspiracy theorist, when they spoke against that war before hand. Or totally ignored and not allowed on MSM to share their findings.

Like Robert Parry in the mid 90's leaving a lucrative paying MSM role after becoming frustrated with trying to get his work published, many journalist were forced out and or left MSM over the Iraq war issue. I highly suggest you read the MEMORIAM to him to get a feel for him and the type of journalism our country is missing now. The site also offers decades of very valuable information in which I see as a gold mine for people awakening.

Robert Parry’s Legacy and the Future of Consortiumnews



Just watch "The Great Hack" on Netflix to see how our political system, along with the rest on this planet have created the great fear and division among us!

Fear an Loathing within the Democracies of the world!


Not as informed as I should be in political matters, but I do believe something is strongly amiss in this nation. I will join to learn more. I have heard strong argument for the end of the two party system. Don't know enough though.

I look forward to seeing you in the group! Please come with an open mind. I and a few others who regularly post tend to ruffle feathers as we dissent against some of the most popular politicians many people glorify. And against most false narratives that main stream media use to spread perception management. Most American's are living in a delusional reality set by this agenda that has been in use since at least the Reagan era. Actually longer, but that's a long story. I have a pinned post at the forefront of the group that explains a bit about that. The world is not what it seems when you take a good look at history and compare it with today and what they attempt to sell you in the news. It takes time to start actually begin seeing the puzzle come together. It's an ugly truth that takes an open mind and work to find that truth. Feel free to ask me to attempt to explain or guide you to any information you have concerns with. I'm always willing to provide sources of alternative information with substance that often debunks what you see in our main stream media.


“...and their tool the main stream media as collaborators in an agenda of perception management and false narratives engaged towards keeping us entrapped in a failing capitalist system to benefit the ruling class of the Westernized world.”

I think your campaign is based on a false narrative spread by the news media, that world conditions are getting worse and that they are at a breaking point. In actual fact we are at the cusp of world-wide well-being. Things have never been better, and they continue to improve. IMO a lot of that improvement has been driven by free trade in a world economy.

Here’s a very well-documented article that backs this up.


I agree that politicians in both parties have lost their way. Vote Libertarian!

It's true, the first world countries have never been better. But for whom? Sure, the working class is doing okay but their wages have remind flat while the captains of industry (robber barons) have enjoyed the vast majority of the gains. The working class is not justified to remain complacent just because it is still able to feed itself and avoid homelessness.

@dare2dream It doesn’t matter what wages are or how much money rich people have. All that matters is what goods and services people can afford, and that is at an all-time high in world history. People who want to smash “capitalism” are deluded and are treading on thin ice.

@WilliamFleming Yes, I too was talking about the standard of living.

The standard of living may have improved in many third world countries but for the average worker in the first world it has remained flat. I think the ecconomic meltdown of 2008 demonstrated the faults and corruption of unbridaled capitalism. Plain as day.

I'm not for doing away with capitalism but regulating it so it benefits everyone in every level of society.

@dare2dream Staying flat sounds good enough to me. Enough is enough—there’s no reason for more and more consumer goods.

I favor state capitalism. It would be hard to implement.

@dare2dream I would expect nothing less from Vox. An entity that often tows the establishment line. Obviously WIlliamFleming isn't getting the news about how our present markets have been self propelling itself with stock buy backs from the enormous tax breaks both on incomes and money overseas. Which is a manufactured means to make the economy look good, temporarily. I say temporarily because as soon as they raised the interest rate, they are now already talking about going back to 0. Because the market is not sustaining itself. Housing is going bust again. No one, as you mention, is able to buy with stagnant wage growth. The Deutsche Bank in Germany is presently going under. And if it is not bailed out, again at the expense of the working class, the ripple effects will be felt world wide. Mixed with our failing market, we are looking at another world recession that experts are predicting will be worse that that of 2007/8. You can find that covered by Rick Sanchez on a number of his shows. []


@HowieHawkins20 @H'20 work now to win get on all 50 state ballots and build up Presidential matching funds and completely ignore the polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster zionism duopoly blueREDS = redBLUES Schumer&Pelosi are cutting Medicare and Food stamps while increasing military murders of Palestinians Ukrainians Syrians Yemeni et al while pretending to oppose TrumpOLINI the pipelines are poisoning the entire Missouri River watershed


"to bring change most Americans voice for". In my opinion this is very much reflected in how the voting citizenry vote in our present system as most do not bother to vote. I have voted in few national elections that a 3rd or 4th party/candidate was not on the ballot. If change is to happen it will be when the eligible voting public gets to the voting booth every election day. I am not too enthused about that happening here in 'merca.

“We are like mice, squeaking at an avalanche – but squeak we MUST!”
– Chris Hedges –

3rd parties are making great steps towards being on ballots. It's up to us to get them there and stay educated to exposure. Then pass that exposure on. The establishment and main stream media aren't going to help us in this regard.

Although Sanders betrayed us in 2016, we showed the world how a 3rd party can win on grassroots support. We did that! Not Sanders, the establishment, or the media, which fought us to the convention where he bowed to his masters. He had 3 choices. Fight the corruption we were up against from day one in Iowa, take Jill Stein's offer on the Green Party ticket, or bow to the establishment. We all know what path he took. One person at a time, squeak we must! Never give up! Do you squeak or give up for those you leave behind? I'll squeak for my grandchildren until I die!


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