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13 Countries Where Atheists Can Receive The Death Penalty For Simply Not Believing What They Do

Yet we still do business with these countries and give them aid. They are literally living off atheists goods and tax money.


NoPlanetB 8 July 26

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Until 1995 FBI did not keep statistics of murder motives of religionists killing Atheists....last I checked there were 5....and I am an eyewitness to a murderer who killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend in the house up the street from my house....he took the little 4 yr old child of the murdered pair and tried to kill himself crashing into a bridge underpass.....with no one to mourn the girls parents that night she was unattended in the hospital for non fatal injuries from the they little girl pulled out her IV and bled to death before nurses checked on her alone in her room......the murderer healed from his crash injuries and claimed gawd told him to punish the fornicating ex wife and her boyfriend half her age.....they had teen and older children living on their own
....the killer was a milk truck driver for a company pushing religion on their customers and voters in my city......Iowa has no death penalty and he may have died in prison since 1986 imprisonment

I do not think FBI keeps statistics upon general religious motives for murder or rape as muslims are free to rape unbelievers infidels and scantily dressed women


13 theocracies that murder women&gays for not being gawdly in bed especially arranged marriages


Places to avoid.


Sickening ~

Varn Level 8 July 26, 2019

@NoPlanetB Some of those fuckers get our latest military hardware, too!

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