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A dear friend sent these to me today. She knows me so well.
The last liberal stcker she sent me someone stold off my car. I live in the south in a small town. I'm going to super glethis one to my car. 🤣

Incognitohippy 5 July 29

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Be careful. Some of those repubs are nuts. Once a friend had stickers on her car, and some nut case followed her home, actually pulled INTO her drive way, got out and started yelling at her about her stickers. She ran inside and he left. I'd have called the cops on him.


Tape each to the inside of your blindspot rear window and mount a camera to capture criminal theocrats attacking your car


Look closely at the Presidential Seal! LOL! Hope you can use these.

tiny fingered tangerine shitgibbon pussy grabber IN CHIEF


Looking good 👍 I hope the glue works.😉

The seal was behind him while he gave his second racist attack on The Fantastic Four! Wish I could get hold of that! Golf Clubs, LOL!

@Shoemaker I believe

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