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A Mongolian shepherd with an AK-47 and his pet snow leopard

St-Sinner 8 July 30

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Folks, all of your doubts were correct. The leopard is likely Phtoshopped and AK47 may not be real (it looks like RPK 74).



I wonder what he feeds it?


Strange flash suppressor, looks like a model 47 with a long barrel which was issued along the USSR/ Mongolia Chinese boarder in the fifties.

The snow leopard was optional!!!


he could bring down a whole herd of reindeer in a few minutes. but it does look shopped.


I like it!!

Hastur Level 8 July 30, 2019

That’d be so badass if it were real!


This does kinda make me desire a career change.


Seems like it would kill the sheep.


Love the cat, bet he does'nt need to worry about wolves attacking his flock! Photo shop rubbish really, If I had done it, the horse would be shitting itself! 😉

Definitely photoshopped


I wonder what he feeds his pet??

Wild things in the wild


Shepherds with AKs? The mass shooting rate there must be astronomical!

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