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What is the most absurd thing a "believer" has said to you? I know there will be many but for me it was my brother at his wife's funeral. She suffered with breast cancer and then having it metastasized into several other places, going on for more than 5 years. She died leaving 4 kids under 11. After her funeral, we were at my brother's house. Somebody brought up the fact that it was a beautiful day and my brother said "Yeah, God was really looking out for Kathy." I was dumbfounded.

NHjulie 8 July 31

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A hospital chaplain visited me to give 'pastoral support' and tried to explain that if I lost my arm it was gods will; 'he' was telling me I had to go through the suffering to learn to serve 'him'....had I the strength to sit up I would have bitten his throat out....settled for playing pink floyd, dark side of the moon
Far away, across the fields
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells

He spluttered and went red, never came back to try again.


Their in a better place now with Jesus


A friend of mine in the UK told me that before people are born they choose their life. I said so you're telling me that people actually choose to be born into starvation in India. She said yes. I asked why they would do that and her excuse was so they can be an example to others. And that's why tequila was invented because people actually believe shit like that.

lerlo Level 8 Aug 2, 2019

When my wife was hospitalized with a problem pregnancy, a retired minister stopped me and my toddler in a store and said,"too bad you aren't affiliated with a church since you may need a grave site".

Wow, that's beyond stupid. It's cruel.


After my younger brother died of brain cancer at 51, leaving a wife and 5 kids behind(plus a grieving family)...a person I had just met says to me: well, at least you know he’s in a ‘better place’.
I actually saw red. One of the few times in my entire life that I just lost it, and have no memory of what I said.

Totally understand.


Had my best friend & cousin drown at age 17 … was told by some imbisil that ‘god had a greater need for him’ ..or some such bullshit. Straight A student, magnificent Artist, star Athlete, and he’d be right here with us… Humanity had a need for him!

Varn Level 8 July 31, 2019

Are you sure he was not blaming the alleged gawd for the many years of slow painful death ? An ironic sarcastic sad reply to a graveside weather report ?....You are correct if all he was worrying about was getting mud on his shoes in the rain of a funeral procession

Nope he truly believes that by giving her a sunny day for her funeral, "god" was giving her what he could.

@NHjulie who among us does not conclude religion is a mental disorder ?

@NHjulie I am so sorry your nieces/nephews are orphaned by your local weather gawd with a penis....he sure can give us rainbows too


What a horrible idiot

bobwjr Level 10 July 31, 2019

I had a believer, anti abortionist say, and mean it, that I wanted to kill his grandchildren. Had I been more ready for that remark, I would have said, "No, too fatty, I like lean meat."

Or, the time my evangelical minister bro-in-law said, "I don't think Obama is the antichrist, but I think he will usher him in."

He was right...Obama ushered in the antichrist...his name is trump...

@thinktwice I know. I've been dying to ask. He broke the rules when he told me that. My Sister placed rules that we can't talk religion, only family; and she wasn't privy to that comment.

@Beowulfsfriend I get it...most of our family is on board with politics but religion is a taboo subject since I am the only atheist....


That is just so sad....the poor man could not have been thinking straight at that time, but he was probably just trying to put the best slant he could on his tragic situation,


A religious family I was friends with the girl my age invited me over for dinner. Totally unprepared for the religious crapola they asked me to say the prayer!! My skin crawled in the situation, I was surrounded by superstitious god people. I was an unwilling accomplice to the b.s. I said the only prayer I knew: Rub a dub dub thanks for the grub.
The world is a lot larger than they think of. It encompasses hundreds of religions, thousands of beliefs and I don't like that crap shoved down my throat. I had to say the Lords prayer all thru grammar school. My mom said just fold your hands and listen, don't say anything and they won't even notice. True, worked fine till I went to an art college run by nuns. WHOLE new story.


You know people don't really know what to say at a funeral and the most stupid things come out of their mouths.

Yes...not thinking rationally and saying the first thing that came into his head.

@Marionville I guess it is hard, especially if it is a close relative that one liked or even loved.

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