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I've been thinking about Morality . What holds people to a moral code is it religion, laws or something else? A person can have strong religious upbringing , respect others, but still be able to strangle a dog to death with your bare hands and not see a problem with it. However a person who grew up with no religious upbringing puts themselves in danger to save someone. Perhaps it's the people who raise you , but I've heard story's of people raised by horrible people growing up to be completely opposite. What does everyone think.

Timidwolf01 5 Mar 16

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Although the environment is a factor to an individual's behaviour. It is only one factor. And there are others.

And speaking of "poor" environments: even one good friend, who doesn't even need to be a "best" friend, can counter some of the negative effects of poor upbringing.


I have always felt that one does not need religion to have a conscience.


Common sense and avoiding prison!


Social construct defines morality and not a single entity. Whereas biblical teachings would condone or demand killing someone that wasn't "with the herd", society holds we address those actions differently.

Hutch Level 7 Mar 17, 2018

I was reading an article in National Geographic about the spectrum of people who display altruistic behaviors through those who have done the most heinous acts of cruelty. They found differences in the area of the brain which is the amyglia and frontal lobes, so there is a biological difference in many of these people.

They studied kidney donors at one end of the spectrum and violent criminals at the other end. If a person who naturally lacks empathy has financial and educational support, they can be socialized to have a normal life,staying in bounds of the law and social expectations, although a lot of empathy- lacking people just kind of go along to avoid the consequences of anti-social behavior.


One of my favorite sayings, "If you need religion to be a good person, then you are just a sociopath on a lease."




Animals can show kindness, compassion, love, and a sense of responsibility, at least mammals. I think there's something hard-wired there that has to do with survival.


My father was my guide as far as morality. The one central theme of his morality was that a person should always keep their word, even if it inconvenienced them. Honor was important to him

I don't see religion as necessary for morality. With standard deity based religions, their version of "morality" boils down to "Do right, or you'll be punished forever." It's a child's view of the world, with god replacing the parents.

I think a better way to see things takes two steps: 1) Ask yourself "What is the right thing to do?" 2) OK, do that. Sometimes it takes a lot of thought to get to #1.

The TLDR version: Be moral, because it's the right thing to do.


I was raised by animals, who I imprisoned 31 years later. The after effects will be life long for me , but you ask about morals etc . 🙂 Ok I am free of religion 100%, I am also free from political interests in such a corrupt system. The way I behave is based on one simple rule. Do not do anything to anyone, that you would not want done to yourself . I have done what you mentioned above , and selflessly put myself in the space between an impending impact, ( for want of a better word ) many many times in life, as I have to do what drives me at that instant , and it is what I feel inwardly is the right thing to do; Be that a selfless act, or a generous gift or help to others , for the sake of knowing it is helping them , and without your help they would otherwise struggle. I am very self aware, far to empathetic for my own good, but I love the way I am . I lived in hell for 31 years but it made me a beautiful person on the inside, with no hate for anything in life , not even the people that have abused my life , trust or friendship, they obviously didn't know any better and I was lucky to escape with just the loss I did. People that are meant to be in our lives, will be in our lives , and those that are not, will fall to the side as we move onwards . Be good to one another , be friendly and helpful , it costs nothing to be nice and leaves you with a great feeling of having done the right thing in your own opinion . Don't forget all we have in this life are opinions , so I try to use my opinions as wisely as possible. Love and peace to you all, and no I am not a hippy , well I might be 😉 . You do not need religion to tell you how you already know, you sould behave. Nor do you need politics, as they are tied together like a monkey fist knot with religion. My decisions in life and my actions, are not based with a religious or political under tone , I have an inner self that likes to feel the effects of doing the right thing, at any cost. I also have a conscience that leads me to make what I would like to think, are the right conclusions that then drive my actions . However I had siblings that lived the same life I did , they have come out very differently to me , very bitter and full of hate , and will help no one , but themselves . It is all down to the individuals brain wiring I suppose , we are all, after all infinitly different humans in our thought process's . Morality is personal to us all , what some see as morally correct , others may view as abhorant :-/ . I try to behave as a good simple human, by doing the right thing all of the time, I do not need anything other than self awareness to be like this .


I grew up with war stories (born 1948) of ordinary peoples heroism and capacity to withstand - I sometimes think that you never know what sort of person you are till tested or till someone takes you to one side and gives you a lesson in humanity. I wrote a post here this morning when I was angry, about never again getting a man's newspaper for him because of his attitude to me. I think people who are deferred to, for age or soemthing related to their work get an inflated sense of their own merely human worth, within the community, and it isnt helpful for their relationships with others .I rather think upbringing has a lot to do with it but that change is always possible.


My own morality is driven by the fact this is the only planet that we have found to have life on it.
I love life, living things, not that keen on humans.

Hmmm dilema, save the kitten or save the kid?
hmm, do I know the kid?
Kittens are cute.

I do help the defenseless and those in genuine need, that is my way of promoting a better space around me.


I have my own moral code and think people have all sorts of ideas like 77 virgins for instance or magic talking snakes. most early peoples sacrificed people to there gods.


I think that religion has it's place in society. We may disagree, but some of the good comes through religion, and with that being said some of the bad comes from religion. I am having a personal struggle right now with finding a disipline that will help me to continue to evolve into a better person.

@pnullifidian I believe you are right. However we are influenced by the the more recent history, and those ancient ideas of morality have been honed through out the centuries, and yes organized religion has adapted them into their dogma. I think it would be interesting to witness the ancient moral codes albeit the penalties were much more bloody.

@pnullifidian You got that right, and not to mention the half spoiled meat🙂

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