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"...What Trump and a thousand other politicians have done so well is to distract hopeless, young white men by making Black people the targets of their rage — instead of the white wealthy monsters who stole the future of Dayton and America’s other dead-end Daytons..."


SaucyCheryl 8 Aug 4

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another example of why the low IQ working-class are totally Fcked.


Let's get rational here. Some Mid West cities and towns thrived in the past due to producing products that were wanted at that time. You can't force people to buy your product when better options are available elsewhere. The only way out of this is to produce and be involved with what is wanted now. There is an unbelievable great opportunity in renewable energies and their installation. I believe there are Mid West cities that have transitioned to hi tech.


Shadows and Dust...that's all that's left of once thriving MidWest cities and towns..


Smoke and mirrors

1of5 Level 8 Aug 4, 2019
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