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трахни тебя, Mitch

BohoHeathen 8 Aug 4

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My sense is that he would not care. If he noticed at all, he’d just call someone in to clean it up and move on with his disgusting agenda.


Just ordered “Moscow Mitch” bumper stickers in support of the Kentucky Democratic Party. They raised over $200,000 the first day they went online!



I'm down with that..though send me Canon express to Teddy (the Boiii) Cruz..Or Mike (pencil dick) Pence..


Sad to say he's gay and not much of a mother fucker


Please translate the cyrillic 2 words for the TURTLE

@BohoHeathen do svidanya comrade


Sorry his Senate office is like Fort Knox but his house in Kentucky might splatter inside with your first and final visit


PS - I feel your frustration and anger. I feel the same. What helps me to comprehend the, "Why's" Of their inaction, is the simple recognition that we do not have a government. Organized crime is ruling our lives and taking our money.

@BohoHeathen I am not optimistic. The United States is finished. We will take the world with us in our collective insanity. It will be unexpected, and happen quickly. The snake of humanity will sink it's poisonous fangs into its own tail. The head of the snake is the United States.

@BohoHeathen stuffing politicians pockets you mean.

@Barnie2years No, something much worse is nearly upon us.

@Our_existence, have you read []
Scaring the shit out of me!

@Barnie2years I definitely want to read it. Thanks for the link! 😁


#MoscowMictch doesn't give a fuck. He'd laugh it off and send your family a bill for the clean up. He has no heart or emotion. He's gets huge sums from the NRA.

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