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"I’m calling on you to explain how you allowed this to happen,” Sen. Tammy Baldwin wrote to Donald Trump after it emerged that over $62 million in U.S. farm aid is going to the subsidiary of a Brazilian megacorporation. [] via @HuffPostPol

Charliesey 7 Aug 8

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There's a Sucker born every minute, sez the Donald

twill Level 7 Aug 8, 2019

This is so wrong. I can't believe the corruption. Corporate welfare. But we can't find funds for healthcare, school, clean environment or supporting a healthy middle class.

No, because the rich want to get richer at the expense of everyone one, especially the poor. Eventually, everyone will tire of it and we'll have another revolution or civil war. I don't think this country can survive another 4 years with this administration. Something is going to give.

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