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Blood sugar is out of control again. I think it is the red wine. Screw it.
Here is UB40
Red, red wine

Spinliesel 8 Aug 8

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love red wine. have over 100 btls in my closets. most of them from home made wine. seldom drink it anymore b/c of medical issues. i find it goes down to easily. now restrict myself to 3 beers & a shot of whiskey in the evening.


Have you ever researched an herb called whitethorn it is difficult to locate information on it. I have read that it is know in many cases to cure diabetes. Unfortunately I did not commit to memory exactly where I had read about. I had run across the information when I was writing a poem.

Thanks, azzow2, Whitethorn grows all over Europe, have not heard of its curing power for diabetes. I have the other kind Type 1, where my autoimmune system has slowly destroyed my pancreas so no more beta cells are made and insulin production stops. I have an insulin pump and the blood sugar meter that talks to the pums, so I can simulate the action of the pancreas. I have done that for over 50 years now and still don't get it right sometimes.
Did you know in ancient time, in the Middle East, the treatment for diabetes was opium? You still did not live very long but at least you were happy.


I've often enjoyed that song.


Spill The Wine...


I like these guys.

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