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Cleaning out the fridge and pantry. Have way too much in there that needs to be used and I do not need to keep going to the store for new things. Food waste is a huge issue environmentally.

GreatNani 8 Aug 10

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I believe in France it is against the law for stores to throw away usable food... they have to give it to food banks. Yep- just copied this:

In early 2016, lawmakers in France unanimously passed a law that prohibits large grocery stores from throwing food away, as long as the food is still safe for eating. Instead, French stores must either compost the food or donate it to charities such as food banks.

And in most cases it is probably easier to give to food banks


I do the same thing... cook up whatever the hell I have left pretty much, then go to store and stock up again. Rarely let food go bad... Make stews, omelettes, soups out of veggies that gotta get et, overripe bananas great for smoothies


I hate wasting food myself


I got really, really busy on a home project t that left me exhausted & filthy, didn't make it to the grocery store for almost 3 weeks..other than a lack of fresh fruit, I failed to starve.......


Tough call. You stock up, and you make fewer trips to the store to save gas, but if you buy too much, the food goes rotten and spoils, wasting the money and energy spent to produce it.

BD66 Level 8 Aug 10, 2019

This is one thing that should have more focus than it does.

It really should. I use to do something called Hungry Harvest, which delivered rejected fruit and vegetables to the house. Rejected because they did not look right! But perfectly fine, and they were being thrown away.

@GreatNani that is a good idea, it's so crazy that we will throw out perfectly good food. I have thought of doing it. I only have myself to feed so not sure about the minimum you can get. I will look into it.

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