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As the World Turns.
I was loooking forward to a dinner at Wyndham Resort in the Catskills. On the way thete, i stopped in St.Johnsville . A man walked by my car as I was ready to take off and said: You know your inspection is three months overdue?"
I said:"Thanks. Are you a cop?" He wasn't but his kind observation just ruined the rest of my weekend. I usually go through inspection/registration controls on Sunday mornings at least once a week. There isn't much else to do for the police out there in the rural areas.
This time , I had reasons to be nervous. On Wednesday, my car is due in the shop for a complete brake job, discs, rrotors and calipers.
Of course, the overthinking started before the great dinner arrived at our table. Would they impound the car? Would there be moving violations, points on my license. my name in the local paper?
i had a gin & tonic ( it was happy Hour) and found out that happy hour means that not only the price was chopped in half but also the amount of gin in my drink!
I set out very early this morning, passed eight speed controls on the thruway but did not cause any concern.- Thank you, BMWs and Audis- as long as you are in the left lane, i will not fear. I made it home without a trail of parts or smoke following me. There will be no driving until the car is fixed and legal. i used to be so devil-may-care!

Spinliesel 8 Aug 11

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In MD you have to get a car inspected before the first time it's registered by a new owner or coming in from out of state. After that it's only an emission test every 2 years.


In Texas they got smart and your inspection sticker is due when your plates are due. You get an inspection and then get you plates. They send you a renewal slip a month before they are due. Good luck with your car.

Thanks. In my mind, that was exactly what should happen. Seems totally logical. But no. All will be well., I hope, and it's only money!


In my state, expired inspection is a non-moving violation, no points, & you get inspection done & the ticket gets thrown out. Of course that is IF you even get a ticket.


don't have inspections in BC. probably should for old vehicles.


I wonder if some of this torment about things like this is...We/you started out to have a little joy in your day and low and behold, it looks like there is some kind of punishment coming for it!


I know that snowball effect! I have had my share in 65 yrs and I am still driving! What’s worse I never pass a cop on the road that I don’t start up some kind of tail spin! And, I do not speed and have no ticket in 5 yrs or more!


if you were driving here in CA, your car would be IMPOUNDED, and you would have to pay ALL back registration fees to the state DMV. I have seen people LOSE THEIR CARS over expired tags!

I believe it is more like a police state! They want the money...and they have it arraigned where they can get the maximum and my beliefs is that lobbying from the outside forces (one in particular that I am having a senior moment with), got us more punishment than we clearly deserve! We can’t even be human anymore!


What’s that?

You know, the annual ritual that earns a guaranteed $21 to the shop that performs the deed.

No I don’t have a clue. You live in America?

@darthfaja emissions inspection is one, we don’t have that here in this NM area, the other would be your tag!

We don’t have that in Michigan
I wasn’t aware that was a thing

@darthfaja back in Ga it was the greater Atlanta area Counties, not about 100 miles out...

@darthfaja Michigan , the auto state, allows almost anything that moves to use the road. Most other states do have inspections.

@Spinliesel I just got my inspection done this past week. The only good thing about it is that I have to admit, I don't see so many smoking oil spewing cars and trucks on the road anymore. Just wish it wasn't so expensive.

@darthfaja Yes, yes. In New York. If I still lived in the old country, I would not bother havig a car at all, but take the train or bus.

@darthfaja That explains the state of lots of your trucks in the UP.


Damn. A great weekend ruined.

I did it to myself, that's a thing.


Do not fret, things will work out in the long run.

I will look upon it with great mirth one day, I hope.

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