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Anyone aware of this? Hongkong - []

Allamanda 8 Aug 13

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Trying to avoid...too scary.


A lot more coverage than protests in France, Israel. Huge anti sanction/ US protests in Venezuela. Beheadings in Saudi Arabia.
Source news widely folks and look for what's not being reported by msm.
Would point out Hong Kong is China and we wouldn't want to be accused of foreign interference would we?




Yep. And Trump is sticking his nose right in the middle of it. Any war will do.


It has been on NPR for some time.


Given the ruthlessness of the communist it’s liable to end badly for Hong Kong.


Yup Chinese Nationals now have more pride in America, than the liberal left.


I've been following this. I wonder how/if this revolution can be replicated in other countries in the West (like the U.S.). I hope red China doesn't send in troops and it all ends like Tiananmen Square.

it's looking a bit that way, scary


Honh Kong should perhaps have been made independent - although China would probably have invaded it anyway. It wouldn't surprise me if China were using "agent provocateurs" to stir things, and give it an excuse to "re-establish law and order'.

The British only had a 99 year was not within their powers to grant independence.

@Marionville I know, but ......

@Petter. They would have if they had been able ...they did the next best thing...but ultimately the Chinese hold the power!


I’ve been watching it and worry for the protesters....China is going to step in and it won’t be a happy ending !


I hope it doesn't end in a bloodbath.


Yes, indeed. This has been going on for some time now.

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