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Rant: I paid good money (and a lot of it) for a one year subscription to eharmony. No one even so much as looks at my profile! It’s so frustrating!!

Anyone had any luck there?

janniegirl 6 Aug 14

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I am allergic to cats, so thats always a deal breaker for me. It definitely limits my options.


Well, as soon as I get this comment posted I am going to go look at your profile. Have a great day! -John


OKC is the only decent site I've found, honestly. I have had some noteworthy success with Tinder but it feels like high effort, high randomness comparatively. Like most sites, you're better off if you pay, but you can have success without doing so. If you do pay, change your age to be under 25 before you subscribe, because they will charge you half as much. Then you can change your age back and retain the half price subscription.


Stop mentioning the cats or get rid of some! 😛jk I think I used eharmoney years back and talked to a german exchange student and once I got up the courage to meet he was back in germany! heh... beyond that very brief exchanges with much older men once they learned I was not looking for a hookup or DTF


Id date ya.. 🤗
Maybe you need to tweak your profile some?
If you screenshot your profile and send it to me , i would give you my honest opinion..
Im not an expert, but i am a guy .. (i assume your intended target ) 😎😊

Thank you! You’re sweet 🙂


Yup pay sites are a waste of money


EHarmony was a waste. Match seems
more promising, altho’ a lot of men look as appealing as cold oatmeal. OKCupid was a lot of guys cheating on their partners and/or wanting threesomes.

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 14, 2019

I liked zoosk. Lots of cute guys. Had a lot of scanners on okcupid.


eHarmony has always been a baptist fraud front for phony shrink preacher Warren.....we Atheists were not allowed to seek other Atheists....I am surprised you did not find a liberal xian man who answers questions like you do.....or Jewish certainly weeds out disrespectful boys pursuing casual sex.....I paid for a month years ago to actually chat with women who kept following me for years....they liked my answers....but eharmony keeps closed accounts open to lure people into paying good money only to find accounts closed/allegedly married happily ever after in a church....eharmony tried to repeat billing my credit card and I forced a credit back for the 2nd's a fraud and religious scam with few happy customers


How much is the monthly subscription?
Significant savings on a yearly?

I don’t even know. But it was over $100 for a year.

@janniegirl well.. zoosk was $60 for 3 months (Canadian) .. i did get a couple of dates from it but can't say it was "worth it"..


Sorry you had no luck there.
My own Rant- I was denied an Elite Singles membership. They said I wasn't what they had in mind.
Screw them!

That sucks! When eharmony first came out they denied me.

@janniegirl Just horseing around. Trying to lighten your mood 🙂

@Hastur Ah sorry. And thanks!

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