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There must be an inherent correlation between organized religion and pedophiles. Take small children to church. Rape their minds. Next - obviously - rape their body. Simple. Straightforward. Any questions?

zesty 7 Aug 15

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The correlation only has to with the power of an authority figure. Do not confuse this with being a problem only with religion. Religion does provide this stasis, but they YMCA, Boys and Girls clubs, 4-H, Schools etc. also do. Pedophiles are attracted to the POWER and Authority, Religion IS NOT THE CAUSE, it is just an easy route for those people to take. Religion has many problems that need to be addressed and eradicated, But it is not the cause. Rape their minds, yes it has been clearly stated by church fathers, and I was a victim. Lets just be sure to keep it honest. I am not in any way accusing you of being wrong here, I just want to keep it honest for readers that may not understand. I do share your anger!

Any questions? Yes. How do you suggest we fight this indoctrination aside of expressing our outrage on sites like this?

In my opinion not religion's problems, but rather religion itself should be eradicated.

How to fight:

  • become a member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation
  • zero tolerance for religion in workplace. I was departmental chairwoman at my university. When people wanted to pray - both Christians and Muslims- I ordered them to leave the conference room and continued all meetings without them
  • deny monetary help even from family members if they spend any money on church. - Worked like a charm with my in laws!
  • have fun! Put up a bit sensual light displays as Christmas decorations.

@zesty Okay now I might have a crush on you!!!!!! I never expected anything close to as good as an answer! bows humbly


No questions. I agree fully.


There's also an inherent correlation between being a Catholic and going to church on Sundays. But it isn't usefully informative.
However, the relationship between power and the ability to be a successful paedophile is informative. Add in enforced celibacy and now the correlation becomes even more significant.


There as many pedophiles among sport coaches or doctors or... wherever men have power some of them (not the majority) uses this power to harass, to abuse, to bully, to get sex... examples range from Harvex Weinstein to Lawrence G. Nassar

Somehow I wouldn't include medical doctors .

@zesty you have to include medical doctors. There are plenty of cases. Most recently, the exposure of the U.S. Olympic Team doctor.

@MissKathleen Yes, the Olympic Dr. Sure. I just hope that medical guys are better.

@zesty here is an article you may find of interest. []

@MissKathleen Thank you. It was interesting.


Organized Pedophilia .

GEGR Level 7 Aug 16, 2019

And all that crap about ‘us being sinners.’ BS - I don’t sin! But they do, claim to be ‘forgiven’ ... then do it again.. A pretend ‘god’ to wash away their real ..sins.

Varn Level 8 Aug 15, 2019

There have been quite many that worked for the boy scouts that this same scenario could apply.


Jewish Moyle's are sick bastards.


I wouldn’t cast aspersions to all, but it’s common enough that ... wtf?

Looks like very common. Just one source: Freedom from Religion Foundations' biweekly publication, Freetought Today. Any issue will do it. In the middle there are at least two pages - pedophile religious leaders. Amazing!

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