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I stole this from a friend.

If Jesus was real, they wouldn't call it the crucifixion...

They'd call it crucifact.

(I'm sorry, really, well not sorry enough to not post it).

Tucsongirl1 5 Aug 15

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That took real courage.


This is a bit bizarre, 3 people posted this same joke, within a few minutes of each other, on here last night... one refers to a hot chica, must be you!


It reminds me of chicken jesus, he was crucifried.


It people would sit back and think about how ludicrous that story is. If a deity existed and had the power that the book of lies claims, would the deity really let some human kill its kid?

The whole bible is ludicrous. Except the parts Jesus really believed, like love thy neighbor, etc. Basically don't be a dick. It's all stories/allegories made up by men.

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