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I can't believe all the support and love from all these total strangers. It's nice knowing I'm not alone after all. Thank you ?

MayRebel 5 Mar 18

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You’re welcome. And don’t be shy... if it ever gets hard, all you need do is say something and lots of us will be here to support you.

miffy Level 5 Mar 18, 2018

Strangers, total or not, are just friends not yet made. Welcome to our little corner of the Universe. ❤


Of course not and its lucky we are all normal and level headed too.


I'm happy you're a part of our community.


Welcome home!


Our, and definitely my, pleasure May!

Hang in there!


This is the most awesome online community!

It is a shame we are all (including those who are not members of this site, and those still "in the closet" [I hate that term]) so widely dispersed and have no rallying point like the religious do.

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