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I watched the movie, Midsomar. I have also watched Mr. Aster' s Heriditary and his short film also. He takes on very difficult subjects. Has anyone seen Midsomar and if so I found this review to be fascinating.

The real horror of the "Midsommar" ending |

BrentMBA2004 6 Aug 20

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I liked it. It was really damn weird, but so different from anything else, I forgave it that. Most of the characters who died gave me a reason to dislike them which I appreciate and I saw Dani's conversation coming at the end, but the final sacrifice? Whoa. I haven't seen Hereditary, but have heard it's good and scary.

Remi Level 7 Aug 21, 2019

I had just heard of it when I was reading aMay Entertainment magazine with up coming movies. I saw genre was horror, so didnt read more.

@gigihein, the writer said it was basically a break up movie. It was, but very grisly at times.

@BrentMBA2004 I avoid grisly. I would be scared my job if zi watch that stuff

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