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Excellent question. Does anyone have an answer?

ProudMerrie 8 Aug 21

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Of course, it's not the ready availability of 300,000,000+ guns including assault weapons, it's those damn white women teaching their babies to shoot into crowds of random people.

Shame on them!


When blacks are the majority, and have most of the economic power, maybe.


Ignorance and bad parenting happen everywhere it's simply called out by whites against blacks ALL the time.


Domestic violence is a common thread in most of the mass shootings. Not all, but most. A child raised in a home where frustration, anger, and power are centered around violence, will have a greater chance of using violence as a tool.

@ProudMerrie i am sure, but i would recommend researching it yourself if your interested. Unfortunately federal money is very limited for research on gun violence and public health policy. I am not pushing an agenda of anything other than more funding for domestic violence intervention and assistance. And no one who knows me would call me right wing.

If domestic violence was the pivotal factor, however, the demographic for mass shooters would not be so excusively white males. Domestic violence is just as prevalent in families of color.

@Deb57 Not saying pivitol factor, saying a common thread in the science i have read.

@LucasfromGR So Canadians and Europeans don't have domestic violence. IT'S THE FUCKING GUNS. These bogus arguments are ridiculous. I hate math, but it doesn't lie.

@Sticks48 i am not arguing with you. Please don't put words in my mouth.

@LucasfromGR You are the one talking about domestic violence. That will never change. Mental health problems will never change. Sociopaths and psychopaths will always be with us. We can eliminate guns.

@Sticks48 I think domestic violence and violence against women and children Perpetuates a cycle of violence from generation to generation. My work in nursing and with social workers and my studies have all led me to believe that programs protecting women and children and rehabbing and training abusers to use effective coping skills is incredibly important. To say that will never change, that ignores the success of programs and of data. Having said that... you want to get rid of guns. I wish you luck. We can't even get funding to study gun violence passed. The number of people killed in mass shootings with high capacity rapid fire weapons is minuscule statistically compared to the number of suicide, accidents and homicides. with lower capacity weapons. There is a political deadlock surrounding the 2nd amendment. So for fucks sake, agree that spending money on decreasing violence against women and children is a worthwhile thing for Americans to do while they are arguing about guns!

@Sticks48 Have you ever had to change the bullet hole, dressings and empty the wound drains of “thugs” or as i call them, “people” who have been shot. Have you gotten to find out that they died after you tried to heal them? I have. I have. So when people who want gun control see what i say, and assume that i am a gun nut. I get pretty pissed off!

@LucasfromGR What causes violence in most marriages is stress. What causes most stress in marriages is money. All the social programs in the world won't change that. Yes you can get rid of guns. It would not be overnight, but you could get it done in at least a decade, and I'm not talking about hunting rifles and shotguns. You will never get rid of domestic violence. Can you reduce it to some extent, sure, but not that much. We thought we had curbed racism to a great extent, boy were we fucking wrong. People suck. I totally accept this. Maybe somewhere down the old evolutionary road that will change. You and I will never see that.

@LucasfromGR I don't assume you are a gun nut. I don't agree with where you think the cure for the problem lies.

@Sticks48 we deal with stress using the tools we understand and are proficient at. Money is not why abuse happens. If you have money problems do you start beating people you loved when you had a good balance in the bank. Rich and poor are violent. It is about control and power. Why a person chooses violence and another chooses talking is very changeable. Programs work. Statistically work. To say it is only gun control, only that one approach for reducing violence is frustrating dogma. And to say it can not be changed is wrong.

@LucasfromGR There is much more domestic violence in poor and uneducated communities. That is fact. The stress of money does create the most stress and arguing in marriages. Arguing leads to violence. I did not say gun control is the only way, but it would by far have the most impact. Look at other countries with strict gun control laws. The math don't lie. Check out how many mass murders or even your just plain old one on one murder we have compared with every other country on the planet. As I said. The math don't lie.

@Sticks48 Larry, with all due respect, i don't think you have anything more to learn on this. Seems like your pretty set in your beliefs. So i will wish you a good night.

@LucasfromGR It is because you have nothing new to teach and you ignore facts. So you are right. i have nothing more to learn. 🙂


Blame the churches for sending all the prejudicial messages.


(Put on my satirical face) ... "But you don't understand that is totally different"

White privilidge does not let them see the similarities between different grtoups of people. Until all persons recognize there is only one race, the human race, we'll continue to have to deal with the viewpoint that (paraphrasing George Orwell's Animal Farm) although "all men re created equal, soem men are more equal than others".


Because both are wrong. Why not just blame absent fathers? Because again, that's wrong too. There's no one answer here... if indeed you are actually looking for an answer and not just pot stirring.

Please see my post above.

Please read my post above.

@ProudMerrie No, both are believed. I heard this argument many times in the last couple of years. The mass murderers are all products of single moms.... blahblahblah. It's bullshit but MRA love it!

The reason I thought it is because it's a ridicules assumption.

@ProudMerrie Yeah and for some strange reason (men rule) there are no fallen men. lol

@ProudMerrie Yep and women shamed for not providing their kids with a dad.


When you are right, you are is ALWAYS the women's fault. Remember when schizophrenia was the result of a frigid mother? I do!



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