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I was reminded of Pascal's Wager during a conversation with a believer the other day. I asked him to consider a third option: What if there is a naturalistic afterlife that we pass to where there is no keeper of the gate or coercion for admission required. Not a theme park like heaven, but just a peaceful place that we naturally pass to, and how would it change how he lived his life. His reply said it all. "Who would run it, or be in charge?" It was just an off the cuff concept I thought about while he was babbling about the wager. Feel free to expand on it.

erixon 6 Mar 18

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I believe your soul is nothing more than a program of your brain. It's like Siri is to your phone. Only we believe that we are something separate from the brain that created us. When your brain dies you don't exist anymore. That's just my opinion I'm not trying to say I know anything more about it than anyone else but yeah that's what works for me. your body may contain an energy that will go back into the atmosphere " circle of life" but you won't know anything about it anymore than you know where the energy came from to begin with.


The sheep do need a herder.


It's merely another example of how gods are built in the minds of men/women. Seems all these gods ever do well is reflect the images of their inventors.


I imagine he wouldn't take "we would all have to run it and get along just like we have to here" very well. Because that's what we have now, and unless an actual diety popped up then, we'd have to do the same thing in your proposed after-life, too.


What if you pick the wrong diety? A Jew in a Christian heaven? Or another option? Some Buddhist believe in afterlife others do not. Think Shinto do.


and therein begins the problem. Who would run it, you know make the rules laws schedules menus boundarys clasifications requirements speed limits bla bla bla and before you know it you'd have one sect trying to control the others.... I don't know one way or another if there is an afterlife, but if there were it couldnt even be concieved by anyone in this world Because humanity has proven itself as not being very humane.

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