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A Demon offers you a single legendary item beyond anything you could imagine. But each item corresponds to one of the Deadly Sins, and if you accept it, your soul will belong to that Demon when you die. Choose wisely.

Purse of Greed: Appears to be a beautiful purse of masterful quality. This wallet will fill with 1,000 dollars at midnight each morning. This is real money, and can be used for whatever you want. It will also be in whatever national currency you charge it to be in. The money can’t change nationalities once formed, but you can change the nationality once a week. If you remove the money, the money will remain and the wallet will refill the next morning.

Pocket Watch of Sloth: Appears to be a simple silver pocket watch of masterful quality. But if you press the hidden button, you can freeze time for up to 4 hours levels total each day to do activities of your choice. Press it again, and time will restart. You can only create 4 hours of extra time each day.

Spectacles of Envy: These appear simply as glasses made out of precious metal. These glasses reveal the truth of people. When you wear these glasses, you can see a person’s deepest, darkest desires and fears. Prolonged use will reveal more information, or you can choose to simply gain a vast increase in your wisdom and basic understanding of people and the world.

Ring of Pride: This appears to be a ring of masterful quality, perfectly fitted to your finger. When you wear it, you can make a choice. You either can have basic training in all known academic studies with the ability to increase said knowledge, or have drastically increased intellectual abilities.

Flask of Gluttony: This is a flask of beautiful quality. It is always full of the liquor of your choice, which can change whenever you want it to. When drunk on this liquor, you gain the physical abilities of an extensively trained fighter.

Gun of Wrath: You may choose whether this is a gun or a bow, and should correspond to which weapon you’re proficient with. This creates its own bullets (it’s never empty), and its bullets will home in on their target, any target that you select. They’re not unerring, but they will seek the target and can be charged to kill, main or injure.

Locket of Lust: You may choose the effect. It can either cause all people who could be attracted to you. These people will become almost obsessively attracted to you and will impulsively give in to your advances. If you put the picture of someone you love in it, they will fall helplessly in love with you. Instead, you can also drastically increase your physical attractiveness and charm.

You may only choose one item as you only have one soul to trade for it, and you can only trade your own soul. There is no other stipulation to these items. They don’t corrupt you. The wallet doesn’t cause you to become inordinately greedy, the gun’s final bullet doesn’t rebound on you, the locket doesn’t force you to become super horny, the gun doesn’t cause you to become impossibly vengeful and violent.

They really are just items and the cost is your soul once you die. The Demon will not be disappointed if you die quickly because of the item. But they won’t seek to hasten your death with the item. After all, what are five or six decades to a Demon?

ErichZannIII 7 Aug 24

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That wallet if greed needs to adjust that $1,000 to inflation every year.


“No thanks mate, you’ve got nothing I want or need”


What demons, what hell, and what soul? None of this computes for me at all and it is a game I cannot play.


I would take anything or all of it, since there is no "hell" lunch!


Nothing you listed would be of interest or use.Talking to a demon however would alter my veiws on life after life. Which may then make some items interesting. Interesting?


Demon? Sin? Wishes? Sorry, does not compute any more.


So, I suppose this would convert me to Christianity, since there's a demon involved and I would have objective evidence?

Screw the items, I'm videotaping the conversation and then getting rich off the interview fees and/or blackmailing the Vatican to cover it up.


Not worried about soul selling as, well, that ain't happening. That said I'll take the sloth time stopper and rob the fuck out of big businesses. Maybe visit some interesting facilities, etc.

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