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After a long shift, i love cuddling with my pets

averykings 6 Sep 3

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I think pets personifies your home. You don't say you go home, you say you go back with your pets.

They definitely do.


And knowing my kitty is waiting for me and greets me like she is pleased to see me...that is a great feeling when I get home from work. (Okay, some of it is food related behavior...but I think she tolerates me pretty well anyway... ha ha)

Haha food is a major reason why i try to make it home from work so quick.

@averykings Yes, Akiko acts like she's starving for attention but she's just hungry...and certainly not under fed.


Nothing like petting them. Besides cats, I ave chihuahu8as, not very cuddly but quite protective. I hope you job is going well.

I love chihuahua’s.I have two guinea pigs, they’re the best and yes, thanks it’s going great.

Guineas? I love their little noises. They always sound happy.

@Canyonrunner sometimes they’re so noisy, it’s hard to get to sleep.

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