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DNC shitting on Tulsi as payback for ratting them out!

jniece 6 Sep 6

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The war duopoly punishes peace talk


Tulsi is a Putin surrogate.


It's a curious thing about the idea of inclusion. Everyone likes the idea of a big tent, but the bigger the tent, the more likely you are to include people who want to exclude others. Hence, the proliferation of purity litmus tests of all kinds: Do you support Medicare for all? Do you support reparations for slavery? Do you support all-out amnesty for illegal immigrants? In the real world, these aren't just non-starters, they're poison pills. Alternately, as soon as you don't support an extreme progressive position, you're seen to be either racist, a corporate stooge, etc. Tulsi said she objected to the expulsion of a Muslim staffer, but we don't know if it was because they were Muslim or because they were problematic for some other reason. Some Muslims are virulently anti-Semitic, or anti-LGBTX, or want to go easy on Islamic extremists. How much of that should be tolerated?

@silverotter11 As for the DNC being just as bad as the GOP, c'mon, that absurd level of false equivalence is only worthy of a troll.

I am not a troll and I will stand by that - no Pelosi is not on the same level as moscow mitch BUT her behavior has been just as damaging. The DNC has done gerrymandering and all the other dirty tricks - to the LEVEL of the gop makes no difference. The end result is still distrust, lies and division. Trying to hold on to ones power at the expense of other good candidates is just bullshit. I knew Hillary was a bad candidate but really hoped she could pull it off. Well she didn't. I would love to she a candidate like Tulsi but her message really isn't the message of the corporate DNC. On a plus note the DNC is much more diverse than the white bread gop.
You must have missed by comments on there is no 2 party system, there is the corporate party and we should just replace the stars on our flag with $.

@silverotter11 For me what makes Dems worse than GOP is the disguise. So much easier to address a matter when you know who the enemy is.


The dnc is as bad as the gop, just sneakier is all.

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