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Happy Saturday! I have to drag my ass to work, blah. What are your plans?

Jama765 7 Sep 7

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I always go to the Rochester Public Market where I'm surrounded by people speaking different languages and in different modes of dress (at least the women). It is, for me, what other people experience as "church". It helps me feel connected to people (people collectively).

Sounds interesting!

@Jama765 there's probably one near you. Some people call it a "farmers market".


I have to take care of my girlfriend. She went out of the hospital yesterday. She had surgery, she had stones in her gall bladder.

I hope she recovers well!


Retired earned it after 50 years of that

Well deserved, friend!


I'm working today too, but I have a pretty leisurely schedule. Driving up to Hanalei this afternoon to meet with clients to discuss their wedding which is happening tomorrow, and then driving down to Poipu to conduct a sunset beach wedding. I'll have lovely views on my commute both ways and will be working barefoot in the sand as the sun goes down.

I'm one of the rare people who look forward to work, since my gigs are pretty damn nice and relaxing! Working with couples in love and celebrating what a good thing they've found with each other. Then I go home alone, which is fine with me!

I'm so jelly! I hope you had a fantastic day!


Pretty much the same - two more night shifts and then 10 days off, with a trip to Colorado in the works.

Very nice to have 10 days off!! Enjoy! Maybe share some pics when you get back!


Washed and polished my car inside and out. I call her my eye candy because she is beautiful even though she will soon be eight years old.

I love that bug! Very nice!

@Jama765 Me too! I purchased a bling steering wheel cover, I adore it just a sparkling in the sun. My old one went to my granddaughter, apparently the in thing these days for Ladies in their 20’s. This is my third bug but my first convertible. I am thinking of starting up a Chic Beetle club here. What a blast that would be.

@MsHoliday you should do that!!

@Jama765 Yes. You should get a Beetle. You won’t be sorry. The convertible is a lot tighter and not room, but the hatch back has plenty of room. At the very least rent one just for fun.


Dragging my bum to work as well .

I hope it was nice!


Early morning: Hit the Farmer's Market for fresh vegetables and fruit.

Afternoon: Spit-shine house.

Evening: Make Braised Chicken with Vegetables with my new beau.

Aw, sounds lovely!


Dragging my ass into work as well😑

I hope it went well!!

@Jama765, it went well, thanks😎

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