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Just did my first visit to Planet Fitness. They're right, it's definitely a judgment free zone. The trainer explained some of the machines to me, I ran in to an old boyfriend who talked my ear off for about fifteen minutes and then introduced me to his wife, saw a lot of men and women close to my own age in various stages of fitness, and even got winked at by a young bodybuilder. I'm sure they could tell I was a noob because all my workout clothes were color co-ordinated, but I had fun. I experimented with the machines for about an hour or so until my calves started aching and then relaxed on one of the hydro-massage beds. Those things are worth the monthly charge alone! I'm a little sore right now and my knees are screaming at me, but already looking forward to going back.

Deb57 8 Sep 9

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I love that gym !


A report on NPR this morning told of the importance of exercise especially for those with chronic pain. Good for you and hope this becomes a part of you life. It's especially important for people at 'our stage' of life.

The first time is always rough. Even after going a while and then taking time out and returning can be a strain. I have been working out most of my adult life but when I moved here there wasn't room for my machine so I had to just do some exercises at home or outdoors. We finally opened a gym several years ago and I joined. It has since expanded to over double the size. This morning I was in the main room but watched the Zumba program in the group room. It went on for almost an hour and when it was over and everyone came to the main room one could almost feel the humidity level (from the sweat) go up. I noticed all the participants were women and I asked a stupid question if any men attended. I was told one guy does sometimes but mostly it's the men with vacation homes that attend the program. Of course I knew what was coming - how about you? I really have to think about this as it looks like a lot of coordination and staying with the instructor. [] note: the 1 house abuse by Heidi.


Good to know. Maybe I'll give it a shot too.


My sister has a full gym in her home... more equip than many apartment buildings I had lived in... if you add the Sauna, the Jacuzzi, the Pool... minus she don't know how to swim, the two full bars in the house. She had not worked out in years. But she is a smoker. I don't know what to tell you.


Nice place went there before I was injured will go back when I can


Good for you Deb! Very proud of and happy for you....


Good for you. I recovered from a chronic illness some 10 years ago when I finally got a diagnosis. Then I started working on fitness. At first I couldn't run around the block. Recently I ran trails for an hour. It feels good to come back from that. I wish you the best with your fitness goals.


What gets me about these fitness places is how they endorse so called energy drinks that are full of rubbish. Anyway I am glad you enjoyed yourself and a wink is always a nice thing in ones life.


I keep making excuses. Glad you have decided to just do it.


Good for you! Keep going. I love working out at the gym.

Since age 24, I have been regularly weightlifting, followed by stretching. Strength and flexibility makes it possible for me to continue hiking and running at age 66.

Photo: Back muscles, 2016. Age 63.

I have battled chronic illness since 1974. Two years ago at this time I couldn't walk up the flight of stairs in my two-story house without having to rest a few minutes to get my breath. I have made some impressive strides, recently, and want to keep the momentum going.

With due respect to your great shape... I noticed the Tribal Drum in the Background!!!!


It's a handmade, oak conga drum.

@LiterateHiker Oh the things I will do to you on that conga!!!!


I hope you continue to enjoy it!

I miss the Planet Fitness in Gainesville, FL, so bad.
The elliptical machine was my favorite.

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