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On my way to a Balloon Festival in northern NY State this upcoming weekend, (20-22), my second year there in my tiny RV, with tiny old dog, just magical.
If anyone wants to meet up & have coffee Sunday afrernoon on my way home, let me know! Or even come out for Sunday morning balloon lift-off......

AnneWimsey 9 Sep 14

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What's the name of the festival? What city?

Big abandoned airport about 3 hours northwest of Albany. All the paperwork is already in the RV outdoors, will get it tomorrow.

@AnneWimsey it sounds really cool. Do they give balloon rides?

@mooredolezal yes, but generally unless you have booked before you get there, it is slim pickings, plus last year the high winds didn't die down until late Saturday afternoon, so they were heavily overbooked from the necessary cancellations. You can walk right up & touch them, talk to the owners, and at 8pm Saturday ( dark!) all the balloons are filled but on the ground, and at crowd countdown all light their burners, making them glow!
Google Dansville NY State Balloon Festival Sept 20-22, you should see the site & all info.

@AnneWimsey thank you Anne. I was not intending to go to this year but wanted the information in case I decide to go next year




Have a great time!! Wish I lived near I would be there for lift off ! Enjoy,, bring us pictures

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