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Gonna lose some friends here...AMEN means absolutely fuck all to me...I would prefer Doctors and surgeons rather than a word from ...well somewhere else ....Doctors and surgeons are real.....Amens mean fuck all ....sorry religion does not registrar in real life ....doctors do

Dragoria 7 Sep 14

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This isn’t facebook … I’d say you’re among friends 😉

Varn Level 8 Sep 15, 2019

So you are an atheist who hates the word "Amen." But you are a computer geek that loves cats and dragons? Seriously?


Just a word, like any word....a bit old-fashioned. Kind of dramatic to declare you could "lose friends over it", aincha?


I get your point for sure it is a nonsense word used as a condiment.


Amen is an Egyptian word meaning "so be it". Why would this cause you to get your panties in a bunch?

simply hate Egyptians as well as the word amen...tey can so be it kiss my ass....h

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