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your Prez has a quirky sense of humor.


callmedubious 8 Sep 17

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well, maybe my sense of humor is different but i visualized all those dictators in that room, all installed by the US, replacing leaders under which the ppl were better off, but willing to spend large amounts of their countries resources on US weapons, thereby enriching the MIC.
i could imagine the other dictators feeling jealous.


Weird... I have never laughed at anything he has done... Only winced! I am SO embarrassed for my country!


He is a celebrity. He just wants attention all the time... sure doesn't mind if it is negative or positive attention. I wouldn't call him a person with a sense of humor. That gives him too much credit. If it is a sense of humor, I would call it a cruel and savage style of humor like the shock jocks have or the sophomoric types that make fun of disabled folks or puts fire crackers on a cat's tail.


You are far too generous to the idiot Trump. What he finds funny is hurting people.


He has a sense of humor and he is laughing at us - suckers every day.


He has no sense of humour.

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