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There has been far too many times that I have lost faith in humanity, especially since renouncing my religion. But all I can say is this place has had the opposite effect and I'd like to thank all you wonderful people for that. It is a glimmer of hope in a wasteland enveloped by darkness. There is a shortage of places like this and I'm proud to consider it a safe haven in sea full of uncertainty, cruelty, and stigma. Cheers Everyone!

AustinSkepticus 7 Mar 20

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Like the wise sages have taught, life is tough, but fun and rewarding all at the same time. Just keep your dreams, always in your mind, they are your 'calling' for your life.


I agree.Good community here.


Glad you are finding a home here, I totally understand what you’re saying and it’s really nice to find like minded people

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