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Bill had a particularly good show last night....even got pissed off at Liberals! A funny - yet true - news report summarizing this week's news...

Robecology 9 Sep 28

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Yes he's funny, particularly because he has no sacred cows, unlike some "conservative Objectivists" I know.


Puppy, he should have said a rabid dog. Yes, in this case,, Schadenfreude is really joyful!!!


I never miss Bill on Friday nights. His insight, which I sometimes disagree with, is usually spot on and goes right to the heart of the matter. I'm glad he has his show on HBO!!!


I especially like New Rule: White liberals can't be more offended than the victims. So brilliant 🙂

JGal Level 7 Sep 28, 2019

My husband used to love that segment of his show. His New Rules, is usually spot on!!!

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