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This is an encouraging story on CRITICAL THINKING vs dumbing down of America! I hope parents don't crawl all over this, I doubt it as Minn. is more liberal than some states.

The line I loved in hearing this story just now on NPR was him saying to his students, "You are going to be smarter than 75 % of all adults in America..."


LetzGetReal 8 Sep 29

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I like the quiz at the end of the article - wonder how many adults would pass? How many members of Congress? Would Trump pass? Would he get any right?


Good article because some people seem to believe that if Trump is impeached we get rid of both Trump and Pence. Not so. I feel that trump's big problem with impeachment is that it will be a stain on his fabricated perfect record.


good article!

Good teacher,


I just moved from Mankato (southern MN) to St. Cloud (hour NW of Minneapolis/St. Paul) and unfortunately this part of MN is extremely bigoted and red neck. Every other loud-jacked up pickup has a trump sticker or confederate flag. Or both.

Had Pride weekend 2 weeks ago and there were even fucking protesters there!

I’m moved closer to my parents to help them but I’ll be leaving as soon as they no longer need care


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@altschmerz Thank you.

@altschmerz It works! Thank you!

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