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Will future historians will record the current US government as filled with thieves who ran the most successful con game ever.

EdEarl 8 Mar 21

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1'll be a mere footnote..

You need to have lived it, to fully appreciate the distortion!

@Freedompath I am living it..the push is on to protect our Fearless Leader from prosecution by the toads in Congress..

@Charlene I am hoping for the time that, 'HE is thrown to the wolves!'

@Freedompath I want him and the oligarchs All thrown to the wolves..


Academic historians, hopefully will try and report the facts based with reasonable/logical assertions. But, they are not the only authors that write...including historical accounts! A person can write from a twisted mind, sometimes as well as the academic mind. Bill O'Reilly, and "Killing Lincoln' comes to mind! I have not read his book, but it was slammed by academia! And, because I have witnessed how his mind works, I do not trust his judgement and further suspect his motives for writing the book in the first place! So I would be sceptical about what is written and by whom! I fear for people in the future, that picks up a book based on the current could be slanted, depending on how creditable the author is!


Yes, the fall of our empire too a piece of shit con man as trump WILL go down in history as a BIG JOKE, the causes and effects will be discussed for MANY years !!!! and the worst part at this point is that we don't yet even know all of the shit he has done !!!!

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