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Donald Trump,

I am a tax-paying American citizen. You are my servant.

Just thought you should know/be reminded of that.


itsmedammit 8 Oct 8

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I think we could use a write-in/twitter campaign from every woman and every one of color, reminding him he is a servant - THEIR servant. He is already losing it. Let's push him a little bit.

I am surprised that no one sees the evil humor in this.

@topdogcarl Can't hide that maturity. lol

@topdogcarl Meaning name calling is a bit childish, don't you think?

@topdogcarl I try to avoid name calling. Move along now.


Oh, sweetie, that ship sailed a long time ago...(yeah, I know just 2 years but it feels like FOREVER)

Just a little something to help drive him off the rails. He would be absolutely mortified at the notion that anyone would think he is a servant.


Trump is not fit to shine my shoes.

He is not fit for much. Nonetheless he is public servant no. 1.


Hey Donald, just go away !

I thought Donnie's head would explode if he heard anyone reefer to him as a public servant.

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