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Because of my job, I have an unusual sleep cycle. I get off work at 11pm and get home around midnight. Like most people after work I like to relax, unwind, maybe do some laundry. This puts my bedtime around 3am or so and my wake up at 11ish, so I can be at work by 3. (Hour drive)

I go to omaha once a month to see my specialist. I have to leave around 8am to get there in time.

This is problematic because I can't seem to fall asleep before 3. Medicine doesn't help either. I typically work only a half day before my drive to omaha so that I can get home by 8 and try to sleep, but I find no matter what I just can't.

I'm also finding I am having a harder and harder time waking up to my alarm. I've tried moving it away so I have to get up to snooze but I still crawl right back into bed. I currently have 14 alarms set. Overkill? Nah. I'll still probably oversleep.

Any ideas?

LadyAlyxandrea 8 Mar 22

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Yes it's just awful having an appointment during the "regular day" when you don't sleep regular hours.

This happens to me all the time. If I have a Drs appt - I'm going to be awake most of the night. Did it last night. Got to sleep around 7 am had to be awake at 11 am.. No where near enough sleep.

I have slept through multiple alarms including an alarm that has a bed shaker and that was attached to my bedside lamp which flashes on and off. Once I'm out I'm really out.

I don't have a solution I swear I've tried everything. But if someone has a good suggestion I'll try it!


Patchy sleeping patterns are no stranger to me, I feel your pain. When I was working full time I would sometimes get the worst insomnia especially if I knew I had a stressfull day to negotiate the next day, which then made things even worse obviously because now I was tired too boot. Anyway.... It maybe you are sub-consciously worring about stuff (maybe your condition?) which is affecting your ability to sleep? On the other hand you may just have a really sensitive body clock that is now programmed to not sleep before 3am ?

Either way hope you find a solution to the problem I hate being over tired makes me all 'spikey' :/

Hmmm you could try some insane 'graceful gorrila' moves to wear yourself out, hot shower, hot milk with a shot of somthing and see what happens ??



Are you getting to bed when you need to be? That's worked for me when I've been in similar situations. Cell, TV and reading allowed but no unneeded getting up.


Sleep or lack there of can be a b@#$%, especially working odd hours. I too have an alarm on the other side of the room. Tried the multiple alarms before and sometimes still use two. I think my real issue has been lack motivation related to my depression. I have found various motivation exercises to be helpful, ie...5,4,3,2,1


I have some sleeping pills that kind of knock me out. Problem is almost too good. Harder than hell to wake up in the morning but I do get a good nights rest.

I'd take benedryl or melatonin except I would TOTALLY never wake up in time

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