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Given that Satanism is an atheistic religion focused on the self I'm curious if there are any on this site?
No I'm not one I'm just curious

daniellaws 5 Nov 18

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Nope. Satanism is NOT atheistic.
Satan is a deity. (even in Christianity he is at least a dime-god, being a son of god, only like a bad Jesus)
Followers worship that deity.
Satanists generally believe in a god, besides Satan, they just put Satan first before the god worshiped by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Atheists on the other hand don't believe in deities of any kind, and don't worship them, because they don't actually exist.

A bit of a broad generalization there, daniellaws. Where it is true that Satanists in many cases have been applying the old prod up the anal openings of Christians, there are several cults reaching back into antiquity that actually worshiped that Christian invention called the Devil. You need to be a tad more specific, then you can say that a particular group of 'Satanists' is this or that. As the original question was worded, either response is correct. It is both a deity-like worship and an in-your-face attack on Christianity. I rather enjoyed some of the things the Church of Satan has done recently with the monuments controversy. First class stick in the eye moves.


Given that you are not thinking straight about atheist, we are all happy to laugh at you.


Satanism is not an atheistic religion. (Sorry if this has been commented already.)

Atheists lack a belief in a god(s), therefore we cannot have a belief in Satan.

One is the same as the other, invisible and fictional.


Actually is Satanism truly an atheistic. I mean they do worship Satan and isn't that the exact opposite of atheism.


Wait a minute here. Last time I checked, this Satan fella is on the big list of supernatural beings manufactured by Big Boy Blue in the Beyond. Belief in that guy would be a belief in a supernatural deity who hasn't gained the rank and stature of the Big Guy in the Sky. The word 'atheist' doesn't apply here. Back up a few paces and try again there, daniellaws.


I would consider myself one

Yeah I’ve read it. It doesn’t shun being social it’s just saying put jerks in there place don’t hurt people that don’t deserve it and enjoy your self


Isn’t ‘atheistic religion’ self contradictory?


Satanism is theist and does not belong on an agnostic or atheist site. It starts believing in a false magic and goes downhill from there.

Proof some people will say anything to try to deceive people. Satanism is theist, counter-culture, and most are rebelling against something (one similarity to atheism) but are misguided and worshipping a deity that by definition is deceptive.


As I understand, the members of the Church of Satan are basically humanist atheists. They do not believe in a literal Satan. It is only a symbol representing a stand against Christian privilege in this country as well as hypocritical and harmful Christian beliefs. And, they use their status as a religion to let the Christians know that in this country, the US, they have no higher standing in the Constitution than any other religion--if they want their Ten Commandments on public property, then all religious monuments should be allowed--that sort of thing.

That is the best explanation I've ever read of why such an organization exists. Having never given it much thought other than to find amusement at their push backs I now have a greater appreciation.


No Sir, not me. I wanted to be a wiccan once, but i didnt go for the horned god or venus the moon. So..., i never finished the classes. Oh, they loved me though. I just couldnt do it.


Um - no. In order to believe in "satan", you have to believe in god. Satanism is the "opposite" of Xtianity (specifically - I don't know if other major or minor religions have an analogous diety). It's rather on the order of "love" vs "hate" - like those, satan/god are the opposite sides of the same coin. The actual opposite of love/hate is indifference; the actual opposite of satan/god is atheism.


"Satanism" comes in two forms. 1: the low IQs that think some "dark lord" is coming back to reign for a thousand years of darkness. 2: the "Left Hand Path" who simply focus on base self gratification.
Satanism is a Christian denomination, as "Satan" is a Christian construct.

Yeah, cuz Google's trustworthy. I'll take it from the many Satanists I've known. Of both kinds.

That's hilarious! "combined wealth of all human knowledge and research." There are websites expounding on the evidence for a flat Earth. How many web sites talk about chem trails, extraterrestrial visitation and abduction, how the new Repugnant tax plan is good for everybody, and how the police are your friends. You do realize that anyone can post anything anywhere on the internet, right? So you read one article written by a Christian who has distorted views of everything, including his own religion, and who has never studied anything outside of his own religion, and you think you know everything there is to know. The ego on you! When you spend 20+ years in the lifestyle, studying and living it with people who have been doing so for longer than you've been alive, then maybe you'll have something to say worth listening to. Until then, I'll listen to the people who have been living it for longer than you've been alive, jackass. Shut your ignorant fucking piehole!


You can’t be an atheist if you have a deity , satanist are not atheist


Satanism creates an alternative master. I DO NOT need any masters!

Not only do I NOT need any master, I also don't need any cults, inane rituals or alternative ideologies.

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