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Trump joked about former President Abraham Lincoln during his rally, the same night Mattis praised Lincoln's patriotism in a speech
A short, interesting read. What a contrast, the way these 2 referred to President Lincoln!

chalupacabre 8 Oct 18

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We are judging him by the regular, normal decent standards but he wants to change the standards going forward. In a few years, our shock value will diminish. Nothing that leaders like Trumps will do will shock us any more... extra-marital affairs, prostitutes, corruption, nepotism, allowing other countries interference in our democracy, colluding with dictators, appointing children in high places and encouraging divides, religion and extremism will not shock us. Public apathy will increase. That is the game plan.


I saw some of that nauseating speech that trump made...HOW far down the ‘fallen’ have they fallen! Those people in attendance, are ‘drinking’ from the cesspool! HOW far some people have fallen!!!


Trump is not a thinker. He just does things.

Some of those ‘things’ don’t make ANY sense!!!

I just posted a comment above. Things don't make sense but they will be acceptable soon. That is the nature of things in the public discourse. What Bernie said 6 years ago for the first time about socialism shocked even democrats and made them fearful that he would destroy the party and make us look fanatic and extreme. Where it is now? He is running on the democratic platform for the second time for president and has more following than before. What is worse is other candidates have started talking like him. With time, the shock value of many shocking and insensible things diminish. It always does.

@St-Sinner I must be alone in this idea...but Bernie is not extreme to me. Possibly because I have followed him for long years and he was always what he is today!

He may have been be the same but the environment around us was not the same.

Bernie does not feel extreme today but he was seen as extreme 6 years ago. After talking about it and starting a movement, people and the media have taken notice. You have read and heard him repetitively and his ideas look palatable now after seeing what happened on Wall Street, after reading reports on ridiculous wealth accumulation in the hands of the few.

His supports claim that they like him because he tells it like it is. He doesn't tell it like it is. He tells it as he understands it and, frankly, there are lab rats with a greater comprehension of the world around them than what little understanding he possesses.

Telling as it is or not. But Trump speaks his mind. Therefore, it is telling as it is 'to him'. That is still defying political correctness. I too am tired of political correctness. There are truly ugly people in this world and in the Congress. Why is it wrong to call them ugly?

You can undermine Trump as much as you want his accomplishments and managing 10,000 suits at any given time in his business career just tells you his appetite for risk, chaos and the ability to survive and overpower. Your assessment does not sync with it. It is just a personal opinion. The conservatives thought very lowly of Bill Clinton. They called him dumb Bubba and Rush Limbaugh made his entire career trashing him radio day in and day out. That makes us as bad as them and them as bad as us.

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