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Can WE wage anti-corruption/corp warfare. Can we make a pest of ourselves by filing small claims suits against corporations to force a corporate lawyer to respond. For example, our insurance company changed (almost every year) and the new company is sending "ads" for their mail order service. I've received three marked "Urgent Call Today" written with an intimidating tone, as if your prescription will not be filled unless you satisfy the company. I called on Mar 3, and continued to receive two more of the same letters, the most recent one, yesterday. They are IMO badgering their clients to get them to change to a corporate mail order prescription service. Are the people protected from such tactics?

EdEarl 8 Mar 23

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No one offered a legal opinion, so I suspect it isn't a viable idea. If a 1000 people sued in small claims court for harassment, I'd expect a company would stop the harassment, or at least change it. It wouldn't matter whether the case was won or lost, as long as a company lawyer had to travel, attend court, and travel back. It might cost a couple thousand per case. But IDK the law. Just an off the wall idea.


This, I have not had any experience with. I will need to be on the alert...concerning this situation and get back to you!


Sorry not sure..though in this ReThuglican epoch anything not illegal won't ever be considered for regulation, cuz you know money.

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