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Would you rather see the Movie than read the book? Are certain Actors and Actresses your most decisive factor whether to go or not. What books and movies did you find most disappointing or more appreciative. I always found the books to be way over the movie production in almost every instance. I might need some advise.

Nevermind345 7 Mar 23

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Books over movies always ... The movie is like an interpretation .... I cannot watch the Harry Potter movies because of the blatant flaws, Hermione saying Ron's lines or the fire at the burrow which never happened ..or a thousand other movies based on books that add details or drastically change them .... These things drive me crazy! I get that they can't include everything but don't change stuff!! ... As you can probably tell, I feel very strongly about this lol

But to tell them this is what was done with the "Current Bible" they would not have the sanity to go and read about what is fact or fiction or vise versa. Which is why we belong to this which we will stay.


Movies and books are different art forms.


I like both, reading the book and seeing the film, but sometimes the film is very disappointing. I'm a big Lee Child/Jack Reacher fan and have read all the books and stories so far. I found the first film disappointing, since Tom Cruise is nothing like my mental picture of Reacher, but adequate. But the second film was awful. They changed the story and made it really trivial. I didn't watch to the end. Films rarely have the subtleties of books, but they can be good in their own right.

I have no idea how Cruise could be cast as Reacher.


I watch almost exclusively fiction when watching films but real life when reading books, mostly crime, serial killers, and generally evil people. some actors just spoil it for me like Will Farrell for instance.


Saw the first of the Twilight series then read the book. Then saw the other 5 movies.
Saw 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker because I liked the cast.
Read Godfather before the movies-loved first two films.Third was disappointing.


The movie that plays in my head when I read a book is so much better than what other people can create.


I would rather read the books.

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