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I've plateaued on leveling. I must not be Atheisting hard enough.

Stenz 6 Oct 29

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Yeah, once you get to level 5 if slows wayyyyy the fuck down. I'm there with ya!


Having a high level is very important for getting into atheist heaven. Keep on atheisting!


I think it'll cost a kidney to attain level 9...

Zster Level 8 Oct 29, 2019

I feel like I've been at level 7 for an eternity (got about 6,000 points left). I can't imagine what going from level 9 to 10 is gonna be like. If that's even possible.


The higher the fewer. (Alexander Rozhenko)


Invite more often....message reply comment and use emojis


Points and levels come fastest when you are not looking. Just enjoy the site and you will get there. (It only gets worse at the higher levels anyway. LOL )

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