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If you need ammo to deal with evangelicals, here are some facts in a 3 part series.

Evangelical Christianity is No Pillar of Piety: Part I

While I am deeply angered by support evangelicals have given Roy Moore, I am not surprised. Evangelicals have always had a love - hate relationship with moral corruption. Erskine Caldwell, author of GOD'S LITTLE ACRE, TOBACCO ROAD, JORNEYMAN AND OTHER BOOKS depicted the evangelical hypocrisy well. He was the son of an evangelical minister.

We find a HUGE number of cases in which evangelical laity and ministers have succumbed to the pull of sexual exploitation. They have used their "religious authority" and emotionalism to prey on young girls and both single and married women. Others have used prostitutes regularly (a la Jimmy Swaggart). On general, evangelical churches' preoccupation with sex leads both ministers and laity exploitation as a delightful forbidden fruit that draws them.

I remember a case from my past. In my home county in the deep south in the 1950s a rural evangelical church brought in an evangelist to hold week long revival meetings. In mid-week, the home pastor came home early one day and found the revivalist in bed with his wife. The evangelist -- buck naked -- jumped out of the bedroom window and disappeared into Hickstown Swamp. A couple of days later he came out of the swamp completely covered with yellow fly, deer fly and mosquito bites. No doubt, he returned to his home church and continued his ministry/.

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