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I'm reading a good book, called "Blowout"

If you watch Maddow and like her'll love the book. Here's Chris Mathews interviewing Maddow on it.


For those who want a "taste" click on this link, then click "listen"


Robecology 9 Nov 2

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I listened to the audio version. I like how she gets to the crux of how things happened they way they did, by solving a few pieces of the puzzle with little known facts that have had big consequences when examined fully after the fact.

Interesting story on what would seem to be a boring subject, because it was part of the path taken to get where we are today.

Glad you did that.

I just bought the book...I feel bad for my sis (who willl get the book when I'm done) because I'm highlighting like crazy! Her level of depth and complexity is amazing...I have to re-read several times to comprehend it....but it sure does make sense!

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