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Adam sinned and everyone else is punished? My new post at

DarwinChandler 4 Mar 23

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Here is Cardinal Grorge Pell, No. 4 in the Vatican, currently back home facing pedo charges, admitting that Adam and Eve were a myth, so as Dawkins rightly asks, in that case, where did original sin come from?


I have kind of specific view on that story. While I do not believe that it happened as described in the Bible and it should be understood rather metaphorically than like a visual depiction, I am sure there are certain truths between the lines.
In my view the most religious teachings are misguided where the actual sin lies, and if we are being punished (which I doubt), it is not that much because Adam sinned, but much more because we are continuing repeating the sin, for we have not properly identified what it was and where it lies (hint: it is not the talk with the snake, neither the consumption of the forbidden fruit), thus we doom ourselves to constantly doing it again and again. It is very difficult to identify your mistake when it is not pointed to you and almost impossible when it is pointed wrongly.

Could you possibly point where did I state that I do not find such truths in other religious texts - for my personal view is completely the opposite - there are truths (and non-truths) in all religious texts if they are communicated with in a proper manner.
The biggest fault of most Christians is that they take the Bible not only as literal truth, but as the sole truth in the world, while it is neither.
Treat the Bible like an encyclopedia, scientific journal, chronic, atlas, etc - and it is complete nonsense.
Yet looking at it as a predominantly work of fiction and a mostly metaphorical carrier of ideas and it becomes much more an acceptable read.
And this applies to all religious texts in general - for this is what they are - a carrier media for certain philosophies of life, being represented as the will/deeds/creations of some mythical entities of beings. In order to reach the core message, you have to strip it from the media and extract the essence.


Was his sin, having a verbal conversation with a talking snake?

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