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Religion and philosophy are only projections of what is reality..?
Any Thoughts..?

Vile 4 Nov 4

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Nice graphic but the reality is philosophy has no more bearing on reality than does religion.... Both are simply opinions not scientific which is what got Marx into trouble. He wrote what his opinions were not facts because he was a doctor of philosophy not a person educated in government or economics...


Religion is an attempt control perceived reality
Science is the attempt to explaining perceived reality
Philosophy is an attempt at understanding perceived reality

Reality for all intents and purposes is our brain's interpretation of data perceived.


I have no problem with your first question, but in your illustration you replace reality with science. Science is not reality, it is an attempt to formulate reality, just as is philosophy.

If I were going to make an illustration I would have conscious awareness give birth to artistic expression, with religion being part of that expression. From artistic expression comes philosophy, and from philosophy comes science, which is a special and refined philosophy.

Science is not the end-all be-all of reality—that would be conscious awareness.


Thoughts are as illusory as reality.

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