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In case you missed it...Bill Maher (and his writers) were spot on last night...

Robecology 9 Nov 9

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Some very great unexpected connections. Thanks.


Tell you what else he was right about: that creepy slimy Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. I fingered that guy a decade ago. Still the fools line up to join his putrid sites.

It has its limitations....but it's also interesting and useful. I'm a retired teacher...and spend hours here, on FB, and on words with friends.

I find that there's a lot of's easy to name-call and disrespect someone who doesn't agree with you on FB. Reporting and blocking rude/arrogant/dishonest posters is very slow.

But there's an obvious following; so you have a choice; to participate, or not.


The tech world is fucked because children, with no experience, extremely limited education, and no moral center, got way too much money way too fast. Peter Drucker warned us about this.

@Jacar yes. At least the Robber Barrons in the past had some age on them. Now a boy like Zuckerberg has billions and power. For what, writing some computer code ? Sometimes I wish I'd never seen the 21st century.

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