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Do you have a favorite movie you can re-watch countless times and never get bored of it? Mine is "The Breakfast Club." I also own a Breakfast Club t-shirt! 😊😍

vjohnson51 7 Nov 10

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Breakfast Club is great.

I often go through phases of re-watching the same movie. Some movies are great regardless of medium, Some movie must be screened on the big the big screen

For TV viewing:
Corps Bride
Not The Messiah
The Princess Bride

Movies that are significantly better on the big screen big sound: (my screen is 205" anamorphic diagonal and I am currently running 24 amplifiers and speakers.)
The Iron Gian
Wreck it Ralph (3d)
Frozen (3d)
Life of Pi (3d)
Saving Private Ryan
Avatar (3d)
Pink Floyd The Wall
Pacific Rim (3d)
Jurassic Park (3d)
Sponge Bob Square Pants (run without projector just for the sound)
Sponge Bob Square Pants a sponge out of water (run without projector)
Polar Express (3d)
Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Apart (3d)
Maleficent (3d) - - one of the most requested movies
Most Star Wars favorite is Rogue One (3d)
Doctor Strange (3d)
Cloud Atlas

many others. . .


Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly)


I have a few.

@vjohnson51 Blade Runner (directors cut), most Bogart movies ( my favorite actor), the three Eastwood spaghetti westerns (especially The Good, Bad, and the Ugly), Dr Strangelove, and Mash.


Zoolander, dumb and dumber, paranoia 1.0. and if I could ever FIND the damn thing again, the champaign club.


Lars and the Real Girl


I got a few reminders from all the posts. Thanks.


Pow Wow Highway. One of the best ever.


John Hughes masterpiece love this film but one i can watch over has to be Jaws lol

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